Healthy feet = healthy kidsgirl playing upside down

You wouldn’t know it just by looking at them, but feet are a vital part of our balance, strength and coordination, and extremely important during the early years of development.

Ensure your child’s feet are well looked after with a children’s foot assessment from the expert podiatrists at Lane Cove Podiatry. Not only will they treat already-existing problems like foot pain, flat feet, knock knees, in-toe gait, abnormal shoe wear and other foot conditions that affect coordination and confidence, but they can help prevent future problems from occurring too!

Lane Cove Podiatry also offer a combination of treatment exercises to create strength, balance and body awareness, which can be useful for sport; as well as general podiatry care and orthotic therapy to assist with foot function.

With a team made up of professional female podiatrists, all with children of their own, you can rest assured your child will receive only the best advice and care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Plus, there’s easy access to unrestricted street parking and lots of room inside for the kids to spread out.

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