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Growing feet grow fast. So can foot problems

Don't let leg and foot pain stop you from enjoying life

Welcome to Jindabyne & Berridale Podiatry – where active people from Jindabyne, like you, come to love their feet.


Whether you have little feet or growing feet; or you suffer from chronic foot pain, diabetic foot or sporting injuries requiring soft tissue management or rehabilitation, we’d love to treat these feet. You’ll find we love to help identify your pain, diagnose and treat your foot problems.

We also believe that being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and it can be achieved by something as simple as walking.

If you’re looking for someone who really understands how to treat feet, why not call the clinic on 0416 124 457 or Email:feet@jindabynepodiatry.com.au to book your appointment today

Growing Feet

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Sports Feet

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Painful Feet

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Orthotics are specially designed and custom crafted shoe inserts to help improve the function of your feet. Read more

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