Activity boosts our metabolism, releases endorphins which are our feel good hormones and strengthens our musculature. Healthy feet are happy feet. How can you get more activity into your day?woman doing sports outdoors

  1. Get up 30 minutes earlier and go for a walk
  2. Wear a pair of walking/running shoes to work and use as your commuter shoes.  can help you if you need  new shoes
  3. Park 10 minutes away from your destination – that will give you an extra 20 minutes of exercise every day
  4. Every 40 minutes stand up and do some movements for 1-2 minutes over an 8 hour day, it will add up: this could be lunges, squats or just little step-ups
  5. Get some fresh air at lunch and a walk too
  6. Change a meeting into a walk and talk
  7. Enrol in a program: get your colleagues involved. The 10,000 step program is a great place to start


And remember, if you are having any pain seek assistance: if it is foot or leg pain we can help. The biggest reasons people don’t exercise is they just don’t start. So stick to a plan and get moving.

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