Injury & Pain Treatments

Joint and soft tissue mobilisation

When any part of the body functions abnormally, your body will find ways to compensate over time. The ‘problem’ can then ‘spread’ to affect more of your tissues which are then taking on a greater proportion of strain, weight or being asked to go above and beyond their normal function. This then causes imbalance of musculature, ligaments, nerves and joint structures.

Treatment involves soft tissue release work such as trigger point, fascial and neural releases as well as joint mobilisation – to rehabilitate and structures back to normal.

To compliment the treatment, orthotics will be assessed in order to improve the final outcomes.

Soft tissue releases

Pain occurring from abnormal function can lead to overuse of your body parts and structures. This can result an imbalance within your body including tightening, shortening and loss of normal movement.

To return to your normal function, all affected muscles, nerves and joints should be treated. Our treatment includes releases of associated trigger points, fascial and neural stretching and joint mobilisation, laser application and home stretching programs.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger points, also known as muscle knots, are discreet, reproducible areas of sensitivity within a muscle that has a set referred pain pattern. The spots are painful on compression and can produce pain locally and in a referred pattern.

Your trigger points can be de-sensitised by techniques such as stretch and spray, laser application, dry needling, heat application and addressing underlying instabilities resulting in abnormal function.

Fascial releases

Muscles are contained within a fascia, which can become inflexible when associated with poor function. We treat your muscles with release work, which involves manual stretching using fingers and thumbs along the length of the affected muscles.

Neural releases

Nerves can become entrapped at any point along the course that they supply, resulting in severe nerve pain. If you’re experiencing burning, tingling, numbness or loss of function – this could be nerve pain.

To restore your body back to normal function, the entrapment needs to be released and the nerve mobilised. Our treatment involves deep tissues massage, neural stretching and home stretching (as required).


Orthotics are individualised foot inserts designed to support, align or improve the function of the foot. Here at Jindabyne Podiatry, we have our own orthotic laboratory to make and maintain your orthotic devices. Our Custom Orthotics are personally designed rather than computer generated ensuring an excellent fit.

Our guarantee to you is that we offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with our treatment or orthotic device. We want you to be happy with the result!

We also recommend and sell the following products to help care for your feet:

Urea Moisturising Creams

We highly recommend using urea moisturising creams for the care and repair of your feet. The products that we love to share include NS8 Heel Balm.

Sports Tapes

Sports tapes are used to protect during sporting activities.

When correctly applied, the tape provides support to your muscle and ligament injuries – allowing people to return to their sports with more confidence.

Wearing sports tape also reminds people that their body has been injured, so they might need to take it easy.

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