SoDepositphotos_16796575_smetimes  it can be hard finding the motivation to get out of bed pull on the shoes and step out the door to have your daily dose of fresh air  pounding the pavement  and you time.

What is the value you are putting on  your   daily exercise regime?

What are the benefits for you right now , today  and for tomorrow?

Recently I had a fantastic discussions with a patient who we had been seeing   and were catching up for  her orthotic review. The chronic foot pain she had presented to us had resolved beautifully and we were reviewing how she was travelling.  A 10 month old little boy was now in the picture  . One off the comments made was “ thank goodness I had my orthotics  and was able to get out and walk for some me time”. I was interested in this comment. What was revealed was that  after her little guy came on the scene life was a little chaotic , stressful  and sleep deprived.  The pressure of “bonding” was overwhelming  and difficult. However once a suitable baby pouch was found  walking became a fantastic solution. The baby settled quickly  once in the pouch  feeling mums warmth her smell and heartbeat. The closeness    of physical contact  was meeting the need of mum and bub  and the walking became a meditative relaxing  and beneficial process. This truly was a win win outcome. From a situation of struggling  with pregnancy a difficult labour  for mum and bub to now walking up to 10 km a day, a slow journey with a fabulous outcome.

We have joined the “Walk Around The World”  initiative   details can be  found  here . Join our team  Lane Cove Podiatry and become part of a community of walkers encouraging each other .

What are the obstacle in your way, today? They can be overcome. Walking truly is a fabulous medicine, great for body, soul  and heart.

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