We all know how hard it can be fitting in our daily dose of fitness but when you think of the outcomes it’s definitely worth it.

When we exercise our energy levels increase, stress levels reduce and brainpower and productivity improve – along with a boost of confidence and self esteem.

Sometimes we seem to naturally want to avoid doing what’s best for ourselves; especially in winter because we all know how appealing it is wrapping ourselves up in our doonas to stay warm and cosy.

But many of us don’t realise that walking is a great form of exercise. So make every step you take count!

A little a day will grow very quickly into your regular daily dose of walking.

The Podiatry Association and the National Heart Foundation has come together as one and adopted the Be Active Walking Program.

To help you get started, they have created a walking log to help you track your progress – so download it today and start walking!

It’s important to make sure your feet are as healthy as can be so that walking is a pleasure and not a pain. We’re here to help with any foot or leg pain and to give you the best advice on footwear.

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